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About Dr. Dan Collins

Dr. Dan Collins is licensed Pennsylvania psychologist and ordained minister with over 30 years of experience training in diverse settings, including both church related and the non-profit behavioral health facilities. He is currently the proprietor of the Pastoral Counseling Network, a pastoral psychology practice located in center city Philadelphia and Media, PA. Additionally, Dr. Collins has been on staff at The Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University since 1988 in the Pastoral Care & Counseling concentration.

Dr. Dan Collins has written a bestselling book The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing, released in January 2007 by Moody Publications. His work on trauma was recognized on CNN's Fit Nation program that was co-hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and former president Bill Clinton. Dr. Dan Collins, serves as a weekly consultant on The Urban Praise Show, hosted by Rev. Roy Patterson Show, in Chicago Illinois as "Dr. Dan." Dr. Collins has contributed as an expert on Comcast CN 8 Art Fennell Reports, Patti Jackson's new show "Rewind (Philadelphia WDAS FM), and Dr. Lucille Ijoy's show (Philadelphia WURD AM).

Dr. Dan Collins is an engaging, down-to-earth speaker who has the uncanny ability to communicate as comfortably in a lecture hall as he does in a church house. Dr. Collins is a senior therapist who emphasizes focusing our strengths as a strategy to overcoming personal challenges.

A Tribute to Mothers Everywhere

What Would We Do?

Without your smiling face

    That taught us our first lessons

Of tenderness and grace,

    Without your firm hand

That divided right from wrong

    And helped us learn to ,

Stand when we wanted to wiggle out

    Focus , when we wanted to tune out

Endure, when we wanted to give up,

    Work, when we wanted to goof off,

Wait, when we wanted to move on

    Dream, when we were living a nightmare

Believe, when our way was unbelievable

    Hope, when we were caught in the crosshairs of despair

Love, when it seemed we had nothing else to give

    Mom, we learned all this from you

And without you, what in the world would we do?

    Thank you for loving us, thank you for teaching us,

thank you for sharing the gift of motherhood with us.

© Dr Dan Collins 2011